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The Oxford Parent Teacher Organization is a local charitable organization in Oxford, Connecticut. We are dedicated to fostering close relationships between the parents, teachers, and the students by advancing opportunities in the school, home, and community of Oxford.

Important Note: In order to keep our membership and directory current, re-registration as both a member and into our directory is required each year. Your login for 2022-2023 will not work for 2023-2024. You will need to rejoin and re-register to participate for this year. 


Welcome to the Oxford Parent Teacher Organization. Our efforts and funding make thousands of dollars worth of trips, special guests, and events possible each year across the district.  We are a volunteer-based organization. Donations of all types are appreciated. Your registration alone contributes directly to our efforts. Whether you are able to be with us only in registration and spirit, to join us in meetings to voice your opinion, to contribute your time at an event, or to supply a donation to further enrich the lives of the children of Oxford, we appreciate you.

Thank you for your generosity to our sponsoring businesses!

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Made Possible by the PTO

The following events were made possible by the funding support of Oxford PTO in the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • Kindergarten Jones Farm Field Trip ($1,651)

  • 3rd Grade Native American Reservation Field Trip ($1,725)

  • OMS Ben’s Bells Activity ($1,200)

  • 8th Grade Boston Tea Party and Museum of Science Field Trip ($1,500)

  • Halloween Costume Sale

  • Fall Book Sale

  • Kindergarten trip to Discovery Science Museum ($3,694)

  • QFS Storycrafters Visitation ($1,135)

  • OMS Field Day ($3,500)

  • OMS Katie Wood Speaker Visitation ($1,800)

  • 7th Grade – Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum ($2,500)

  • 2nd Grade – Maritime Aquarium ($2,687)

  • GOES Field Day ($3,300)

  • 3rd Grade – A Tree To Be by Flanders Nature Center ($1,500)

  • OMS Boo Grams

  • 6th Grade Nature’s Classroom Field Trip ($2,000)

  • PreK-Second Grade Story Week Story Crafters ($1,135)

  • 4th Grade Field Trip to Downtown Cabaret Theatre ($2,520)

  • Boosterthon / Glow Run

  • Shred Drive

  • GOES Speaker Author Katie Wood to discuss gratitude journals and positive attitudes ($1,500)

  • 4th Grade – Bent of the River Audobon Center ($1,770)

  • 5th Grade – Sturbridge Village ($2,907)

  • 5th Grade – Promotion Celebration at Wolfe Park ($1,530.25)

  • 1st Grade – Critter Caravan ($950)

  • 1st Grade – Beardsley Zoo ($1,323.95)

  • QFS – Field Day ($5,000)

The following events were made possible by the funding support of Oxford PTO in the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • 4 OMS Scholarships for 8th Graders

  • Kindergarten Orientation

  • 3rd Grade Native American Field Trip ($1,800)

  • Kindergarten Jones Pumpkin Patch Field Trip ($1,375)

  • Halloween Costume Sale

  • Halloween Boo Grams (OMS)

  • Halloween Dance (OMS)

  • Fall and Spring Scholastic Book Fairs

  • 8th Grade 9/11 Memorial Field Trip ($1,800)

  • Robert Surrette (Artist/Assembly)(QFS) ($1,586)

  • Boosterthon

  • Shred Drive

  • OMS Step and Repeat Background ($1,410)

  • OMS Italian Ice for All Students on Field Day ($895)

  • OMS PBIS Rewards for Students ($1,500)

  • 2nd Grade Norfolk Maritime Museum/Aquarium Field Trip ($819)

  • Kindergarten Discovery Museum in Bridgeport Field Trip ($2,426)

  • Teacher Appreciation Week Food Truck ($3,258)

  • 7th Grade Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum Field Trip ($2,500)

  • 3rd Grade Flanders Tree Activity ($1,800)

  • OMS Field Day ($3,000)

  • QFS Field Day ($4,750)

  • Spring Plant Sale

  • 5th Grade Field Trip to Sturbridge Village ($1,950)

  • 1st Grade Field Trip to Beardsley Zoo ($705.43)

  • GOES 80’s Musical ($500)

  • 4th Grade Kellogg Environmental Center Field Trip ($1,755)

  • GOES Field Day ($3,425)

  • Sixth Grade Field Trip to Quassy ($1,500)

  • Fifth Grade Field Trio to Wolfe Park ($1,208)

Curious as to how funding works?

Funding Requests

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