Request Process

In order to request funds, schools must submit a request form to the PTO two weeks prior to their next meeting. This form must be approved by the Board of Education before submission. That request will then go on the agenda for a vote at the meeting.


Whenever a request comes into the PTO and is granted, the same amount that is granted to the recipient a matching amount is allocated to each of the other schools. For instance, a $1,500 request for QFS that is approved also results in a $1,500 to be put to the side for GOES and OMS.  If later, GOES requests $1,500 or less, it comes out of that $1,500 allocation. If more than $1,500 is required, an additional allocation needs to be made to each of the schools to make up the difference.

Please Note

The PTO of Oxford, CT supports only PreK-8th Grade students. We fund projects that support full grade levels or entire schools rather than at the class or club level. We do not fund athletics, clubs, or individual classes, however those entities are able to fundraise for themselves without sending the money through the PTO.