The following are the voting positions within the Oxford PTO. Officer positions are marked with an asterisk. According to our bylaws, the position of President and Treasurer must be held by individuals that have previously served within a voting position. Elections will be held May 30, 2024. Individuals running for open positions are listed with the position they’ve declared interest in obtaining. If you would like to add your name to a position, please email and let her know where to add your awesomeness.

*President – Currently Amanda Burlinson – OPEN FOR 2024-2026 (Running: Millie Callahan)

The President shall preside at all regular and Executive Board meetings of the P.T.O. The President should preview any P.T.O. materials before their distribution. All phone, teleconferencing or email votes should be 2 conducted by the President and/or Secretary and are to be recorded in the minutes of the following meeting. When a phone or teleconference vote is taken, all Executive Board members must be notified 3 calendar days prior to the date of the virtual meeting. When conducting a vote by e-mail, the Executive Board shall be given 3 calendar days to respond. The President is the primary spokesperson for the P.T.O.

*Vice President – Currently Brudnell Bowen – OPEN FOR 2024-2026

The Vice President shall act as an aide to the President and shall perform the duties of the President in his or her absence. The Vice President shall be responsible for enrolling members in the P.T.O. and maintaining and distributing current volunteer lists. The Vice President will also coordinate with the Sunshine / Hospitality chairperson(s). The Vice President shall have voting privileges and needs to be present at the monthly meetings.

*Treasurer – Currently Lisa Kurjiaka – OPEN FOR 2024-2026

The Treasurer shall receive and deposit at the banking institution of the P.T.O. all moneys of the P.T.O., shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and shall pay P.T.O expenses only as authorized by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall present a statement of accounts at every meeting of the organization and at other times upon the request of the Executive Board, and shall make a full report at the Annual Meeting. The P.T.O. may arrange for bonding of the Treasurer. The Executive Board may also make banking deposits, provided a receipt is supplied to the Treasurer within 3 calendar days. Both the President and Treasurer are required to be listed on, and have access to, all P.T.O. banking accounts.

*Secretary – Currently Kate Brough – OPEN FOR 2024-2026

The Secretary shall record and distribute minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board, including the agenda package. All phone, teleconference or email votes should be conducted by the President and/or Secretary and are to be recorded in the minutes of the following meeting. When a phone, teleconference or email vote is taken, all Executive Board members must be notified and quorum must be reached.

Teacher /Administrator from Quaker Farms School

Teacher /Administrator from Great Oak Elementary School

Teacher / Administrator from Oxford Middle School

These positions will act as liaisons between the individual schools and the PTO.

Fundraising – Main Chair – Currently Open (Running: Sam Iaucci)

Fundraising – Box Tops – Melissa DiPaola

This committee would run various fundraisers, including, but not limited to, catalog sales, gift cards, Box Tops and/or Valentine candy sales. Chairpersons and Co-chairpersons may be elected to run individual fundraisers and each fundraiser equals one vote. When more than one Chairperson has been elected, the minimum vote is one; the maximum is based on attendance of the Chairpersons.

Auction – Currently Open

This committee shall propose and arrange all programs for an auction event benefitting the P.T.O.

Adult Programs – Currently Beth Drost

This committee shall propose and arrange all programs for adult programming, adult trips, seminars and related events.

Book Fair – Currently Kate Bittner – OPEN FOR 2024-2026 (Running: Linda Lenahan)

This committee shall coordinate book fairs.

Plant Sale – Currently Stephanie Kinkel – OPEN FOR 2024-2026

This committee is responsible for coordinating any plant sale. The volunteer chairperson may be one per school, or one person to oversee all the schools.

Publicity / Newsletter – Currently Rachel Criscuolo

This committee shall be responsible for creating newsletters to effectively publicize programs, events, fundraisers, purposes and best interests of the organization.

Hospitality / Sunshine – Currently Millie Callahan

This committee shall be responsible for providing refreshments for all P.T.O. sponsored functions, as well as sending hospitality correspondence (i.e.: Congratulations cards, Sympathy cards, Get Well cards, etc.) to administrators, teachers, staff, P.T.O. board members, and to any other individual as the Executive Board sees fit.

Website – Currently Kate Brough (Already voting as Secretary. Donating time through her business, PageLauncher, LLC)

This committee is responsible for the operation of the Oxford P.T.O website which includes, but is not limited to maintaining updates and managing our URL.

Board of Education Liason – Currently Debbie Sherman

This committee shall be responsible for serving as a liaison with the Board of Education by attending the Board of Education meetings and reporting back to the Executive Board any pertinent information. This position can also be held by the same Liaison who is appointed as the P.T.O Liaison by the Board of Education, by a confirmation majority vote of the Executive Board. Should the Executive Board vote to confirm the P.T.O. Liaison for the Board of Education for this position, this person(s) is exempt from the requirement they be the parent or legal guardian of a child currently enrolled in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade in the Oxford Public School System.

Clothing / Shred Drive – Currently Kelly Blake

This committee is responsible for coordinating the Clothing Drive & Shred Drive.